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Fat! Why You Should Be Eating More of It!

Benefits of Fat

Fat does a body good. Every-body, and everybody needs fat to live. This is not an excuse for a reason to house a 12 pack of Krispy Kreme donuts in one sitting, that isn’t the kind of fat we are referring to. However, it is far more important to understand how fat plays a role in our health by learning more about the benefits of fat.

Fat Helps Your Body Absorb Nutrients!

The foods we eat consist of starches, proteins, and fats. Fats aid in the process of digestion by bringing along certain vital nutrients as they pass through the digestive tract. These nutrients are called fat-soluble nutrients. One such nutrient is beta carotene, known as an antioxidant and the substance that helps create vitamin A in your body. Another nutrient that is fat soluble is vitamin E, another antioxidant that contributes to protection from free radicals.

Fat Makes Your Skin Glow!

Again, it is not the fat from the Krispy Kreme donuts that really makes your skin glow; it is the omega-3 fatty acids from fish and nuts that help your skin glow. Also, it’s very important to remember that saturated fats, particularly from medium chain triglycerides, are extremely good for you, too. Saturated fat not only helps make your skin look good on the outside, but they also take care of you on the inside, as well. Let’s not forget avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil, too. These fatty acids contribute to strengthening skin cells by keeping them hydrated. This keeps cells from drying out and improves the overall health and look of skin.

Fat Regulates Your Hormones!

Recently, the medical community has realized just how important fats are to the body. Cholesterol aids in the production of a number of vital hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. No fat equals poor hormone production. Without fats, both saturated fats and omegas, your hormones would suffer greatly.

Fat Lubricates Your Joints!

Omega-3s and Saturated fats, those awesome fats that play a role in hydrating your skin, and it also plays a role in keeping you moving. Good fats act as a lubricant for the body’s joints. Going for a run? Consider eating a healthy, protein such as salmon, and add an avocado. These foods are high in omega-3s and omega 9s and will help keep those joints lubricated and pain-free.

Fat Reduces Inflammation!

Essential fatty acids are fantastic for reducing inflammation. Swelling occurs after an injury, and low-grade swelling might even happen after a rough workout. A healthy intake of essential fatty acids or omega-3s will be able to decrease the inflammation and allow the body to go back to do what it does best, to heal. Don’t forget to add rest with those fats to speed up the healing.

Fat Tastes Great!

There are two kinds of fats. The bad kind can actually cause inflammation and the good kind that actually fight inflammation. Having too many Omega-6s from not so great sources can actually make things worse. These Omega-6s are often found in oils such as canola, soy, and vegetable. Instead, look for healthy oils to consume and cook with like coconut oil, avocado oil, butter or ghee. Use olive oil cold, for drizzling on salads and veggies. These fats will generally have higher amounts of omega-3 and omega 9 fatty acids, the good kind of fat. (With olive oil, the darker the oil the better, light olive oil means that it went through some more processes.)