About the Author - Dr. John Salerno

dr_john_salernoYou need fat—and a whole lot more. Stop denying your body what you need for a healthy life. Start feeding it properly, and your body will glow with vitality. Mentored by Dr. Atkins, Dr. John Salerno adapted the well-known low-carb diet for today’s lifestyle with astounding results. In Fight Fat with Fat, he explains in simple terms what your body needs—and should avoid—and why. Stories of his patients attest to the incredible results from the Fight Fat with Fat diet.


"I love this book. I suffered from constant headaches, stomach issues, and always hungry. Dr. Salerno really understands food and what fats are important for good health. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs additional help with their diet."

"Fight Fat With Fat offers a guided step-by-step plan to help you eat well, not only to lose weight—but to feel great, without endlessly counting calories! The book includes simple-ingredient recipes that the whole family can enjoy—no “special” meals—including decadent desserts!"

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