TV Appearances

Dr John Salerno Holistic Medicine, Heavy Metals & Allergies

Dr. John Salerno comes on Bulletproof Radio today to discuss holistic versus Western medicine, heavy metal exposure, ultra violet light and its benefits, and hacking your allergies.

Dr. Salerno Discussing Chelation Therapy On My Fox NY

In this video, Dr. Salerno discusses the dangers of wearing make up on a regular basis.

Dr. Salerno on CBS New York – The Benefits of Injectable Vitamins

John Salerno, offers 31 different IV treatments and IV therapy that can contain vitamin C, zinc, calcium, copper and vitamin B-12. He said the cocktails can boost energy levels, and can help with anxiety and fatigue. “We can get the nutrients right into the bloodstream, bypasses the liver, so they are not metabolized,” Dr. Salerno said. Using an IV, patients can tolerate much higher doses then they could orally, Dr. Salerno said.

Obama’s Quest for Health Care

Dr. John Salerno, was featured on the Fox Business News February 24, 2010. Dr. John Salerno, family practitioner at Patients Medical in New York, says doctors are hoping for some clarity with reform.

Fox & Friends Appearance

Dr. John Salerno appearance December 24, 2009 on the show Fox & Friends with a panel of doctors discussing the sudden and unexpected death of actress Brittney Murphy.