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Chronic Fatigue and IV Therapy

Chronic Fatigue and IV TherapyChronic fatigue is a serious problem in the lives of many Americans. The symptoms are many, generalized pain in joints or muscles; problems with cognition, concentration, and memory; a feeling of anxiety or moodiness; and often, symptoms similar to a mild cold. Also known to some clinicians as Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue can have major negative influences on a person’s life and health.

Treatments in conventional medicine focus on symptoms, primarily. Treating the mental health aspect through antidepressants and the pain portion through pain-killers is common. This is because many clinicians have not received the training necessary to recognize the true nature of chronic fatigue, and then the training to treat all of its potential causes. They prescribe medications instead of dealing with the other possible roots for the illness. One of those roots of illness is the presence of toxins in your body. The buildup of hazardous chemicals in your body can contribute to unique symptoms in each person because each body responds differently to chemicals. So one person’s toxin load might create different illness than another’s.

While each person may respond differently to toxic buildup, the need to treat it for well-being is important. The process of detoxification, or ridding the body of toxins, can be a supportive process because the body already has mechanisms to eliminate those toxins. Augmenting those processes can help increase the detoxification process.

1. Sweat

Sweating, especially deep-seated sweating, can help eliminate toxins. The body has a fantastic detoxification process that is coupled with a cooling process, so the sweat that your body uses to cool down also eliminates toxins, too. Consider a long cardiovascular session to prime the lymphatic system and blood vessels to get those toxins out of the body and onto the skin surface. An infrared sauna can also contribute, providing a penetrating heat that allows deep tissue to rid itself of toxins.

2. Supplement

Some supplements provide a fantastic benefit to the metabolic process that is the human machine. We are energy burning machines, in our prehistoric days, meant to chase things down and gather things to eat. So our bodies were designed to produce energy. A healthy metabolism has the ability to carry toxins away from the body, and an unhealthy body loaded with toxins makes it much more difficult. A supplementation strategy can augment the normal metabolic processes, trigger the body to detoxify, and even help carry some of the toxins out of the body through chemical means. When you rid your body of these toxins, your energy producing ability improves, which can often lessen the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

3. Intravenous Therapy

IV treatments can also help to detoxify the body. A Vitamin C IV therapeutic treatment can help supercharge your immune system. This lets the immune system do its job of identifying threats such as dangerous microorganisms and toxins, and gets rid of them. Also, many individuals have absorption issues and do not tolerate or absorb oral vitamins very well. IV therapy is especially helpful in this case, as it bypasses digestion and is immediately absorbed in the body. Consider IV therapy as a way to detoxify and support your body in order to treat chronic fatigue.