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Lead in our water and in our bodies! What to do?

Lead Exposure Chelation

The headlines in today’s USA Today reads “high lead levels found in 2000 water systems across the USA”. We are seeing dozens of articles about this from Flint, Michigan to Newark New Jersey to Ithaca New York where an elementary school tested more than 1000 times the allowable level of lead!

While it’s one thing to address and recognize these toxic levels, there is little if any information about what to do about the levels built up in our body tissues and our kids! Lead is extremely toxic to developing brains and can store in adult brains, bone, liver, etc where developmental delays, attention deficit, cancer, thyroid disease, and other serious conditions can develop.

How do we get this out if our bodies?

At my office in New York, we use an FDA approved iv chelating agent called calcium EDTA on adults. This protein binds with lead and washes it out of our bloodstream and body tissues. The number of treatments depends on the initial amount in our bodies, which is tested routinely by blood and urine!

For adults and children, we use several oral nutrients from the Salerno Vitamin line including oral glutathione, a detoxifying spray and Salerno Daily essentials which contain multiple strong nutrients for detoxing. It is so important that we recognize how firstly to avoid lead but as importantly to get the lead out of our bodies and that of our children’s!