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Reflect on 2016!

Reflect on 2016

The holiday season is up and running! For those who wish to join in on the fun, New Year’s Resolutions begin shortly after. New Year’s Resolutions are goals, and a goal should be something that we all aspire too. A good goal takes time and a sound strategy. Before looking for a good goal, and developing that strategy, take the time to think about the past year, to see where you came from, and where you are going!

Less Or More This Year?

Take a look at your past year. There were some ups and downs, like any year, but how did you do? When we think of less or more, we might focus on a specific stressor or problem. But a holistic view of the year, that’s a little more complicated.

1. Energy – How was your energy this year, did you have less or more energy? Were you lethargic, trying to get out of bed, in pain? Were you feeling like you have a little too much energy, doing too many things, and not resting enough? How would you describe the quality of the energy you had over the year? These kinds of questions will help to figure out how you can start your year.
2. Rest – And combined with energy, how much rest did you get? Self-care is the new buzzword for taking care of your needs because it means that you are physically able to take care of others without worrying that you are neglecting yourself. It is rare that a person needs to restless, but there is a balance. We recommend around 8 hours of sleep for the average adult.
3. Work – Did you work more or less this year? Was your bank account healthy without needing to cut corners or sacrifice important things? Did you leave work exhausted or fulfilled? The productivity and completion of the work you do can be impacted by the kind of work you are in, do you see it as quality time for you?
4. Feeling – How did you feel for most of the year? Emotionally or energy-wise? Did you feel less happiness or more? Would you say that you felt more miserable or more content?
5. Communication – If you are comfortable talking to people, did you get your chance to say what you needed to say? Did you talk more and hold it in less? Do you surround yourself with the people that can provide you with more?

Now after you have figured out what is more or less, it is important to see how that made you feel. The year is wrapping up, and it is time to calculate the numbers. A lot of these things can have an impact on another. For instance, you will have less sleep if you work more.

Check your numbers, did you have more hours and have less money. Does it feel like you worked more hours, but you actually worked less? This might mean something else, something that has to do with energy. Therefore, access to these kinds of numbers can provide insight into your past year, and can help you develop a helpful goal that makes 2017 shine!