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Bergamot for Whole Body Health

Bergamot Benefits
Essential oils are used for a lot of ailments. Bergamot oil, an essential oil that is derived from citrus fruit, was used in Italy for a long time because it was believed to have a medicinal effect on fever and parasites. Mediterranean cultures have long had a medical history of good heart health, and while the benefits of bergamot have been known one way or another, further in-depth research has revealed just how good bergamot is.

Bergamot helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. This is because it contains polyphenols, chemicals that are believed to prevent aging and neutralize free radicals. These chemicals impact the levels of both LDL and HDL cholesterol. Thus, LDL cholesterol, the bad kind associated with coronary heart disease, is limited by this medicinal oil. And HDL cholesterol, the good kind associated with heart health, is generally positively impacted by bergamot’s polyphenols. This information was backed up by a study published in a 2013 article in the International Journal of Cardiology. Compared to treatment with a cholesterol-controlling statin, bergamot produced better results in controlling good and bad cholesterol levels.

So, while bergamot’s cholesterol benefits are well known, how else does it impact bodily health?

It can improve the body’s healing capacity.

Bergamot has antibacterial properties. Italians used bergamot as a way to treat fever in the past, and now it is known that it can fight some forms of enterococcal species and some fungal infections. Put bergamot oil on cuts and open sores to speed up the healing process.

It can help to reduce anxiety.

Bergamot oil is not just a topical ointment or supplement; it is also used in foods and as an aromatic. Bergamot oil is often used as an addition to aromatherapy treatments. Use it as part of an aromatherapy cocktail to reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, or and depression.

Bergamot is used in foods.

Earl Grey tea’s distinct flavor is complemented by bergamot, and European pastry chefs add it to their deserts and chocolate to include a distinct flavor and scent.

Bergamot can be a positive addition to your proactive health strategy.