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5 Benefits of Walnuts

Benefits of Walnuts
At the Salerno Center, we are crazy about nuts. Not only are they delicious and full of good fiber, but they are loaded with healthy fats that help lower bad cholesterol. One particular nut doesn’t receive quite enough attention, and that is the walnut. The walnut’s nutritional profile boasts phosphorous, copper, protein, omega 3 and vitamin B6. These critical vitamins and minerals contribute to overall health. Check out some of the amazing benefits of walnuts!

For Bone Health

Phosphorus is important for bone health and is actually a pretty common nutrient in the body. Copper is important for bone health, too. Copper also supports nerve and immune system function. Vitamin B6, in a similar function, as copper, also supports immune system function. These nutrients are vital to the body.

For A Healthy Pregnancy

While some folic acid supplements are absorbed into the body with some effectiveness, the quality of the supplement can also potentially weaken any benefit. However, folic acid in its natural form, as a nutrient in the walnut, is extremely healthy and supports many biological functions. Alternatively referred to as Vitamin B9, a lack of folic acid while pregnant can increase the risk of birth defects. Consider the efficacy of including walnuts in your diet if you are pregnant.

For Heart Health

Walnuts contain a lot of antioxidants and healthy fats. One of these fats is found in abundance when compared to other similar foods. This fat is called alpha-linolenic acid, and it is an omega-3 fatty acid, the good kind of fat. Remember, omega-3 fatty acids contribute to healthy cholesterol levels, lowered inflammation, and increased heart health.

Antioxidants For Overall Health

Walnuts have a variety of antioxidants that contribute to bodily health. Melatonin helps to regulate your internal clock, leading to better sleep routines. Catechin, ellagic acid, and the amino acid l-arginine contribute to healthy hearts. All of these antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals play a large role in keeping your body functioning at optimal levels.
Many studies have examined the way walnuts can contribute to heart health, help fight off the risk of certain cancers, and aid in the reproductive health of males.

Since they are filled with nutrient dense calories, it is often a good addition to a weight loss diet. Eating walnuts are a great way to stave off hunger, slow digestion, reduce inflammation and regulate blood sugar, thus reducing the risk for type 2 diabetes. Walnuts are, indeed, a triple threat; reduced inflammation increased heart health and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Consider adding walnuts as a healthy addition to your diet. We think you’ll go nuts for them, too.