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Vitamin C: Just As Good As Exercise?

vitamin c

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, is the powerhouse antioxidant, ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate(it goes by many names). It’s basically one of the most important vitamins the body can have. It is essential for good health and without it, you would be in serious trouble. Symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency include gingivitis, poor tooth enamel, dry and brittle hair, scaly, rough skin, anemia, metabolic imbalances, rapid aging, joint pain, slow wound healing, and inability to fight infections properly.  Its safety and efficacy has been proven time and time again in numerous clinical studies and not to mention with teachers, children, moms, and dads.

What foods have Vitamin C?

Vitamin C can be found in a lot of the foods we eat: Red cabbage, oranges, red and green peppers, cantaloupe, tomatoes, most berries, kiwis, pineapple, mangoes, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts.  It is difficult to overdose on C because it is water soluble and is excreted from the body within a day or so, however, it is still possible that it could happen. Taking Vitamin C in pill form used to be more of an option, however, nowadays, due to the quality of soil and processed foods we consume, we aren’t getting as much as we should be. Therefore, many people have started supplementing with it.  Recently, one study has shed some light on the unique benefits of taking Vitamin C.

Is Vitamin C as good as Exercise?

Overweight individuals are encouraged to exercise in order to improve their health; that’s a fact. Actually, everyone should be exercising to improve their health. About half of the individuals that should be exercising regularly, don’t; and that’s a fact, too. However, recently a study done at the University of Colorado, Boulder, might have told you that you may not have to break a sweat, just yet. The recent study “examined whether Vitamin C supplements may have the same benefits of exercising regularly.  This new research is going to be presented at the 14th International Conference on Endothelin. “ A recent study suggested that taking Vitamin C supplements daily can have similar cardiovascular benefits as regular exercise” “The blood vessels of overweight and obese adults have elevated activity of the small vessel constricting protein endothelia (ET) -1. “Because of the high ET-1 activity, these vessels are more prone to constricting, becoming less responsive to blood flow demand and increasing risk of developing vascular disease”. “Researchers found that daily supplementation of Vitamin C (500mg daily, time released) reduced ET-1 related vessel constriction, as much as walking for exercise did”. “Vitamin C  supplementation represents an effective lifestyle strategy for reducing ET-1 mediated vessel constriction in overweight and obese adults, the researchers write”.

Although this recent finding is great news, this does not take the place and should not take the place of exercising. It is still important to get up and move, regardless of supplementation. Exercise is not only good for your heart but also your mental health. We suggest utilizing both methods to stay as healthy as possible; Supplementing with Vitamin C and getting your daily exercise will keep you feeling and looking great.

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