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How to Balance Work, Life, and Your Health!

Work-Life Balance Tips
How would you describe your “work-life balance?” Is it balanced, hectic, irregular, or manageable? It seems like more and more our work and our outside of work lives are becoming intertwined. We have work families, coffee talks, and often, our co-workers are the first people to know about our own problems as we share our lives with those we spend time with.

So, it is natural to confuse how exactly we balance our work and lives, but there are specific ways to maximize both of them to the max, here are some tips on how to get the most out of the balance you have!

1. Do Not Forget To Eat Your Fats

At the Salerno Center, we like to stress a healthy diet. A healthy diet means sourcing natural and organic foods. Natural and organic foods are good, clean fuels for your body as you negotiate your work and your life. Choosing hi-carb and processed foods connected to allergens can raise the inflammatory response in the body. This slows the body down, requiring more rest to process out the inflammation. We stress rest and relaxation, but too much inflammation can steal away the valuable hours we have for a work-life balance. Including good amounts of fat in your diet can contribute to enhanced brain function, reduced risk of diabetes and decreased anxiety. A balanced brain and blood sugar level is key to optimal health.

2. Manage Your Time Right, and What You are Feeling

A work-life balance is not just a good schedule. It is also how you feel about that schedule. Feeling exhausted is not just a matter of too much activity, it can be an emotional state. It is important to consider that and its relevance to what is going on in life. This can be crucial to a healthy work-life balance because our emotions can tell us what is going on, which can then lead us to find the tools that can solve the problem. One of those tools is rest.

3. Rest So You Can Feel Youthful

As long as you are not working on healing from any chronic illness or harassing injury, a work-life balance might be easier to keep. But, equipment maintenance is key to any professional program, and so is it for a personal one. Getting the proper amount of sleep that is good for you recharges your batteries. Metabolic fatigue occurs with a lack of sleep, the stress hormone cortisol increase, too. These act to make the body look aged and fatigued. Sleep is a great way to return your body back to its natural, youthful state.

Balancing out professional life and personal life can be easy and difficult at the same time. The key is to listening to what your body needs, and compromising with what you want. Remember to have fun and work hard. It creates a sense of well-being and overall health!